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Awit Abroad: THE ALBUM

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AWIT ABROAD is heralded as the first OFW music album where all the featured songs dramatize the life, experiences, inspirations and aspirations of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), as conceptualized by a real life OFW.  It is the first time that notable and popular Filipino artists/entertainers have banded together to record songs to give honor and pay tribute to the millions of OFWs scattered all over the world. 

  It is the first time that such music album is released in the Middle East and the Gulf.

“AWIT ABROAD – Para Sa Inyo, OFW Ng Buong Mundo” (translated as SONGS ABROAD – For All Of You, OFW Of The World) album contains 10 original compositions of a real life OFW.  The songs depict the harsh reality of Filipinos being far away from ‘home’, living and working in a foreign land, but holding on to a dream of a better future.  This album puts into music the trials, sacrifices, experiences OFWs face all around the world, seen through the eyes of one of their own.  AWIT ABROAD is a genuine tribute to the overseas Filipino workers, the unsung modern day heroes of Philippine economy.  AWIT ABROAD is truly a showcase of the OFWs greatness.

The album features notable and popular Filipino artists/entertainers Nora Aunor, Claudine Barreto, Nonoy Zuniga, Juan Rodrigo, Miriam Pantig, Jo Awayan, Cindy Rosas, Kelly Grace Salcedo, Aldoe Rubee and Richard Villanueva.  These multi-talented Filipino performers, who have volumes of Filipino followers and fans all over the world, have given life to the album and its music.   These artists were united in proclaiming the OFWs as the true Filipino ambassadors, the savior of Philippine economy, a great modern day heroes.


Stallions Records, in agreement with the producer POPPSINC Phils. & Artistika Records Phils., recently launched and release an album that will surely touch the hearts and minds of overseas Filipino workers.  The album is entitled “AWIT ABROAD – Para Sa Inyo, OFW Ng Buong Mundo”.  AWIT ABROAD is the first Filipino all star OFW music album that has been released in the Middle East and the Gulf.

Stallions Records, through its President Mr. Essam Almuawad, in accepting the offer from its  producer  POPPSINC Phils.,   believes   that they,  not only  would release a new album but would surely deliver a kind of support, boost the morale, and at the same time gives honor and pays tribute to around 800,000 OFWs currently working in the Middle East and the Gulf.  These numbers are part of the overall socio-cultural structure, economics and commerce of the region.

The album was released on September 28, 2001.  It is expected to become a big hit and a huge success in the Middle East and the Gulf.  It is available on CDs and music cassettes. The album is still available in the Philippines.  The released in the Middle East and the Gulf is only the initial step as Poppsinc Phils. and  Stallions Records are already in the plan of launching the album in Europe.

 AWIT ABROAD is truly a showcase of the OFWs greatness.



AKING MAHAL (My Love), interpreted emotionally by superstar NORA AUNOR, relates a woman’s anxieties over her loved one’s journey to foreign shores.  The painful longing, but full of promises for a better future, is evoked deeply in the song.  A mellow soft tune.

I DO is a sweet song by a loyal girlfriend, rendered by CLAUDINE BARRETO.  The song speaks of an overwhelming gaiety of a young heart whose patience so unparalleled in waiting for her lover finally pays off.  This is the only English song in the album.

We feel the extreme desire of a melancholy heart for a loved one in MAKAPAGHANAPBUHAY LANG (Just To Have A Job) by NONOY ZUNIGA.  The interpreter appreciated the piece so much, claiming the song was really well-thought of, a product of both wit and emotion.  This is a pop-song with a shade of blues.

The family takes centerpoint as a moral booster in the song KABAYAN HUWAG MAG-ALALA (My Countryman Don’t Worry) by JUAN RODRIGO.  The nostalgic feeling, quite universal in nature, is deeply etched in the song.  This song has a sweet jazzy tune.

MIRIAM PANTIG gives her OFW emotion in the ballad song MAAYOS NA BUHAY (A Better Life) which rages over unspoken sufferings and sacrifices.  Amidst a hurting milieu, the realization of a dream is the only thing that holds dear to someone to continue living a drab life.

Over time takes ambivalent meanings in the song O.T. giddily interpreted by ALDOE RUBEE.  Here, the Filipino sense of humor surfaces in times of trials.  This song has a rock and roll beat.

Acculturation embraces a pedantic touch in the song RAMADAN, brought to life by RICHARD VILLANUEVA.  The uninformed OFW is given caution to keep up with a Muslim tradition and discipline, and to respect them.  A little fast tempo with combination of rap.

One feels the echoes of a ghastly wind and the rage of turbulent sea in the song DOON (There) by CINDY ROSAS.  The swing dance rhythm of the song seems to sway with the rippling waters on the shore.  A song for the seamen.

JO AWAYAN and MIRIAM PANTIG blend beautifully in PARA SA INYO, OFW NG BUONG MUNDO (For All Of You, OFW Of The World), the theme song of the album, a tribute to all the OFWs worldwide whose tool for survival are brains, talents and physical power.  With upbeat tempo, a “come on” song for OFWs.

KELLY GRACE SALCEDO and NONOY ZUNIGA move with passion and pride in demonstrating to all and sundry the greatness of OFWs in the song DAKILA KA (You Are Great), which these Filipino modern day heroes truly exemplify.

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