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AWIT ABROAD is heralded as the first OFW music album where all the featured songs dramatize the life, experiences, inspirations and aspirations of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), as conceptualized by a real life OFW.  It is the first time that notable and popular Filipino artists/entertainers have banded together to record songs to give honor and pay tribute to the millions of OFWs scattered all over the world.  It is the first time that such music album is released in the Middle East and the Gulf.


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“AWIT ABROAD – Para Sa Inyo, OFW Ng Buong Mundo” (translated as SONGS ABROAD – For All Of You, OFW Of The World) album contains 10 original compositions of a real life OFW.  The songs depict the harsh reality of Filipinos being far away from ‘home’, living and working in a foreign land, but holding on to a dream of a better future.  This album puts into music the trials, sacrifices, experiences OFWs face all around the world, seen through the eyes of one of their own.  AWIT ABROAD is a genuine tribute to the overseas Filipino workers, the unsung modern day heroes of Philippine economy.  AWIT ABROAD is truly a showcase of the OFWs greatness.

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