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              THE COMPOSER

The composer, Rolly Amaranto, is not a songwriter by profession.  He is an OFW working as a secretary in a multi-national company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Being musically inclined, he coped with feelings of loneliness by playing his guitar, expressing his feelings and sharing his experiences through his music.  This regular expression of OFWs plight has allowed Rolly to write songs and collect quite a number of compositions.  His songs give hopes and voices to the millions of OFWs who have sacrificed so much for their families and their country as well.

The idea of having such an album came up when year 2000 was declared as the year of OFWs in March 2000.  OFW Rolly Amaranto, who has been working in Saudi Arabia for more than 11 years, saw the declaration as the opening door to contribute to the occasion.  It inspired and emboldened Rolly to come out from his shell to share his compositions to his fellow OFWs.  It was a wish that came true for Rolly that one day his songs would become a music album for OFWs to listen, for they are the guiding path in all the songs.  The life, experiences, inspirations and aspirations of OFWs put into music is now an album available for OFWs to keep, to listen, to reminisce and to get inspirations.

 March 2000.  Rolly did not waste time.  He gathered all his compositions and re-arranged them.  He contacted the group the Philippines to the World Entertainment Foundation, Inc. (PWEFI) based in Riyadh.  This group, who was headed by OFW Rhoel Mendoza, was responsible for ensuring the declaration of year 2000 as the year of OFWs.  The group gave its support and endorsement to the envisioned project of Rolly.  He also informed his brother Raffy about the idea and that Rolly would be coming home in July to finalize and make a demo CD of the project.

July 2000 Rolly went home for vacation.  During this time he, with the collaboration of his brother Raffy and Ric Santos, who is the business partner of Raffy, finalized the project, recorded all the songs and came up with a demo CD.  The demo CD will be presented to the prospective Filipino artists.  In August 2000 Rolly returned to Jeddah but constantly communicated with his partners in the Philippines.

Finally, the album was released in the Philippines in March 2001.  Due to the limited resources of Rolly, his brother Raffy and the producer Ric Santos, the album was never given a chance to get its due promotion in the Philippine music scene.  Although the songs would appeal to all Filipinos, it was a fact that the prime audience of the album are OFWs, and therefore on Rolly’s initiative, he started marketing the album in Saudi Arabia, offering it to Stallions Records.  

Further, Rolly continuously communicates and contacts  OFWs  and  organizations   all  over the world asking their help in finding distributors, in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.   His partners in the Philippines are also doing the same.  

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