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Related info on this subject will be posted here. Visit this page regularly for information updates that Rab's Home may be able to receive....If you are a Pinoy in Jeddah, you may email your inquiry regarding this service to with subject: "Swisscom easyRoam".

FLASH NEWS!!!    Rab's Home received (unconfirmed) reports  that a new & improved SIM card model will be available soon with a preloaded 1000-unit ready for use. However, as of 04Aug2001, it seems that Value Cards (reload cards) have started to get scarce in some areas.

bulletThe Swisscom easyRoam prepaid card
bulletHow to Reload your Swisscom easyRoam SIM card
bulletList of Cellular Phone brands that work with Swisscom easyRoam 
bulletSteps on how to use your cellphone with Swisscom easyRoam SIM
bulletCurrent prices of Value-Cards (reload cards)

If you need to call, please feel free to visit these inexpensive alternative solutions to your voice communications by clicking on the icon/s..

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GSM CARD easyRoam - the prepaid card that goes everywhere

The Swisscom GSM CARD easyRoam is a unique, no-risk way of giving you access to the GSM World from more than 100 countries. The GSM CARD easyRoam is the only secure, truly international prepaid GSM Card.

With GSM CARD easyRoam, you have the following advantages:

  1. No monthly subscription charge
  2. Total control of costs
  3. Credit balance shown on the mobile phone display
  4. Rechargeable call-time
  5. Coverage in over 100 countries
  6. When buying your credit card, an initial credit of 300/800 units is already loaded
  7. Receiving short messages on your mobile's display
Please note the service GSM CARD easyRoam is only available for international customers.The Natel® easy service is available to customers in Switzerland.

How to Reload your Swisscom easyRoam SIM card

bulletScratch off the protective coating 
bulletEnter prefix *123*
bulletEnter your Value Card No. and press #
bulletSend  or Yes

Note: If the GSM card is not recharged with at least 500 units within a period of 12 months or if the service is misused, the GSM Card will become invalid and any credit remaining will be forfeited. When determining the exact level of credit, the credit level calculated by Swisscom's prepaid billing system shall prevail.





on Ericsson T28s and other Ericsson models


Current prices of Value-Cards (reload cards) 

Reload Cards (Swisscom easyRoam Value Card) are available in most Cellular Phone dealers in Jeddah along Palestine Road between Madina & Khalid Ibn Waleed Streets.  

In Jeddah Prices range from SR 125 ~ SR150 (sometimes SR170) for a 500-unit Value Cards  (approx $33 ~ $40). You have to visit one of these shops to buy your reload card before you consume what you have in your mobile to avoid interruption of service as there are instances where the availability of these cards are limited due to its popularity among OFWs and the increasing number of users of this type of SIM.

If you have an internet access and you wish to buy or find out the cost of your  reload card visit  that accepts, (be prepared to pay by credit card US$41.92 for a 500-unit or US$83.86 for 1000-unit Value Card reload number that  will be emailed to you).

Disclaimer: Prices, website(s) and other information mentioned herein are based on common knowledge and researches by Rab's Home & friends. Rab's Home does not guarantee that the accuracy of the above  at the time of visiting this page. The above information is provided as-is; "caveat emptor" for those who wish to have insights on this subject.




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