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Show Someone You Care - Animated (125 x 125)

Fantasy World Theme Park in the Philippines




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Swisscom easyRoam  Smart Buddy      Globe Prepaid Plus

Cell-phone prepaid cards for Smart, Globe and other major Cell Phone services area also available at Rab's Home.

Swisscom easyRoam  (click this for guide & other info on Swisscom  easyRoam)

bulletScratch off the protective coating 
bulletEnter prefix *123*
bulletEnter your Value Card No. and press #
bulletSend  or Yes

Smart Buddy

bulletLightly scratch-off the protective ink on the card to reveal the pin
bulletOn your cellphone, dial 1510 + PIN and press SEND
bulletA voice recording will confirm if the reload attempt is successful

Globe Prepaid Plus

bulletScratch off the protective coating 
bulletDial 223 and press SEND
bulletEnter your Call Card No. and press #
bulletEnter your Call Card PIN and press #
bulletA voice prompt will then confirm that the reload attempt is successful


Here are your other options if your cell phone's load is empty.  Try calling via internet.... It's inexpensive... click the icons below...

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