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The OFW Bank will definitely stand sooner or later. There are opposing opinions that are floating around, but with regards to OFWs interest, it is the belief of the many, that a bank (aptly named OFW Bank) must be created for the benefit of its rightful owners – the Overseas Filipino Workers.

With just  $1  per month  for every Filipino worker  in the Middle East, the OFWs can pool-in  OVER 12 MILLION US DOLLARS (equivalent to over P600M PESOS ) EVERY YEAR !!!   From this estimate, it would only take A FEW MONTHS   to raise the minimum capitalization required to raise up an OFW Bank.


What can OFWs do?

bullet-Learn the simple concepts  (visit )
bullet-Envision the benefits the bank would bring to us
bullet-Discuss openly, passionately if we wish, but in a constructive manner (create friends, not adversaries)
bullet-Weigh the pros and cons
bullet-UNIFY what we can contribute (monetary, ideas, etc)  however small we may think of it

Click here to visit OFW Bank Info website


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