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Show Someone You Care - Animated (125 x 125)

Fantasy World Theme Park in the Philippines



        Welcome to Rab's Home Jeddah Connections! 

Welcome!  E-mail us for any information you want to post here.  Note: for advisory, greetings and notices, you can view them by clicking to appropriate page.

This is where you find links to various resources while you are  in the City of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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                            AVAILABLE IN JEDDAH

NOW! Software Collection in CD A collection of tools, software, business guides (trading, finders' fees, etc) and other computer related license-free products in CD. This collection is a result of hundreds of hours of searching in the internet... All files were scanned and virus-free as of writing. The CD also includes a an installable desktop guide for Windows Registry manipulations, Tips & Tricks & other useful tools not available in the market. For a limited time, a FREE personal screensaver tailor-made for you  worth $29.95 will be supplied along with the CD.   Send Email for details or call  Jimmy at (02) 682-0030 ext 6154 or mobile: (05) 278-4630

R & D Productions -  a partnership in digital mastering of your personalized video favorites and coverage of special occasions... Send Email for details or call Mhel at (02) 275-0579 (Jeddah).

 Tropicana  Southeast Asian Restaurant - where the OFWCC and Filipinos meet - where exchange of information on livelihood & reintegration issues is a common activity along with one of the best Asian foods in Jeddah... Contact Omar 'Mark' Asuncion, Operations Manager - 660-4719




  Email us for FREE posting at Rab's Home... OFWs are welcome to send personal or home-business announcements for FREE posting*

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